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The Importance of Developmental Screenings

A child’s first years of life are marked by tremendous growth both physically and mentally, and detecting possible delays in development during these early years is a critical part of ensuring every child gets off to the best possible start and is well prepared to learn and grow up healthy.

About 1 in 10 Pennsylvania children may experience a delay in one or more aspects of development, but Pennsylvania lacks a comprehensive way of monitoring how many children receive developmental screenings that could help detect these delays.

Our latest report – Developmental Screening: An Early Start to Good Health – looks at ways Pennsylvania can better promote the use of developmental screenings, educate families about their importance and ensure children with possible delays in development receive appropriate follow-up assessments, care and interventions.

Increasing the use of developmental screenings not only helps ensure healthy outcomes for our children, it also can bring a strong return on investment. One study found well-designed early childhood interventions can generate a return to society ranging from $1.80 to $17.07 for each dollar spent on the program.


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steve larsc's Gravatar One's character can be molded when he is a child. The first years of life are marked by tremendous growth both physically and mentally, Parents approach and the surroundings the kid grow up affect their character and behavior. It is very important to observe your children closely to understand how healthy they are.
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