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Focusing on the initiative- dubbed the Porch Light Project – to safely reduce the number of children and youth in foster care in PA and to ensure a forever family for every child.

‘Family First’ Moves Forward

As part of our efforts to improve the child welfare system, Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children has been working on reducing the use of institution-based foster care in favor of family-based care for Pennsylvania’s children and youth.

The federal Family First Prevention Services Act, which was approved by the U.S. House in June, will help towards this goal. The act makes needed and important reforms to many federal child welfare financing mechanisms to support prevention efforts and reduce congregate care placements for foster youth.

PPC, along with many other organizations across the county, expressed support for the legislation and we thank the members of Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation (particularly U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly who was an original co-sponsor) for their support of the measure.

Looking ahead, once approved by the U.S. Senate and signed into law, states will quickly be tasked with implementation of the Family First Act. PPC will actively work with the state Department of Human Services to monitor effective implementation, including any potential impact to state and county children and youth budgets.


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