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Good News on Efforts to Fix Pennsylvania's School Funding

We wanted to share some great news with you. Today, the state House of Representatives approved legislation (House Bill 1552) that adopts the funding formula recommended last year by Pennsylvania’s Basic Education Funding Commission. Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children supports this formula and is pleased to see it head to the governor’s desk.

“For too long, Pennsylvania has needed a predictable, sustainable way to fund its public schools, and today’s vote is a historic step toward that goal,” said PPC President and CEO Joan Benso. “Of course, any formula - no matter how comprehensive - is only as effective as the money that goes into it. Looking ahead, we now need a state budget for fiscal 2016-17 that puts adequate funding behind a formula and helps drive out that funding in a way that helps ensure every child has the resources to succeed in the classroom.

“We are hopeful the governor and state lawmakers can now work together to continue to make significant annual investments in our schools over multiple years to close the adequacy gap that leaves too many children without the resources they need to learn,” Benso added.

“We look forward to continuing to work with policymakers and other interested parties to build on today’s action and help create an adequate and equitable system of funding Pennsylvania’s public schools for years to come.”


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