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New Videos Help to Prepare Families for Post-Permanence

The Quality Improvement Center for Adoption and Guardianship Support and Preservation (QIC-AG) - a five-year project to test and implement interventions that achieve long-term, stable permanence in adoptive and guardianship homes – recently released two videos to create awareness of the need to support families not only in the pre-adoptive or guardianship stage, but continuing after permanency has been achieved.  

The first video describes a “continuum of service needs” which the project describes as a “way to visualize a family’s lifelong adoption or guardianship journey”.  In order to maintain family stability and promote healing for children who have experienced trauma, families’ must receive services along this continuum – preparation prior to the child’s placement, support during the child’s placement, and continuing support after the placement is finalized. The continuum framework includes eight intervals that represent various needs that might appear for the family adopting or providing legal guardianship to a child in foster care.


Both placement instability and experiencing trauma have been linked to a number of negative outcomes for youth, such as increased behavioral symptoms, lower academic achievement and poor developmental, social, and emotional functioning in adulthood. By recognizing the need to strengthen ongoing permanency services for these children and ensure these services do not end once permanency in achieved, the QIC-AG is taking a vital step forward in ensuring all children in foster care not only become part of a permanent family, but thrive throughout their lives.

The QIC-AG project is working across eight sites to implement eight different interventions with the ultimate goal to replicate and/or adapt the interventions to other states if proven effective. The second video describes the project sites more in-depth; together, the videos provide a powerful way to raise awareness among the public of the need to continue serving these families after permanency is achieved.

To watch both videos and share with your own networks, click here.


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