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Statewide Campaign Proposes Better Way to Fund Our Schools

The Campaign for Fair Education Funding (of which PA Partnerships for Children is a proud founding member) today proposed a student-driven funding formula for basic education that can help boost student outcomes in all parts of the state by helping to close funding shortfalls, improve equity, and ensure accountability and efficiency.

Pennsylvania is in urgent need of such a formula, in part because we are among only three states that lack a predictable funding formula for basic education. The lack of a formula leaves us with no strategic way to drive resources to where they are needed most to help students.

The formula proposed today strategically directs resources to students and school districts with the greatest needs and provides the investment necessary to enable every child to succeed academically. It is driven by several critical student factors, such as the number of students in poverty and the number learning English; and several school district factors, including local tax effort, school district size and charter enrollment.

With Gov. Tom Wolf set to unveil his first-ever state budget plan on March 3, the campaign is hopeful its proposed funding formula will help improve Pennsylvania’s school funding vision for fiscal 2015-16 and beyond.

The Campaign for Fair Education Funding was launched last year to ensure Pennsylvania adopts and maintains an adequate and equitable system of funding public education. It is an unprecedented coalition of nearly 50 groups representing educators, faith-based organizations, children’s advocates, business leaders, labor, charter schools, traditional public schools and representatives from rural, urban and growing school districts.

You can learn more by visiting the campaign’s website at www.fairfundingpa.org.


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