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The Value of Child Abuse Clearances

There has been some recent pushback about Pennsylvania’s new Child Protective Services Law (CPSL) clearance requirements, particularly by volunteer organizations and universities. Concerns have arisen over the costs of submitting these clearances, but shouldn’t our primary concern be the costs of not submitting them?

Every child who experiences abuse could suffer from the aftermath for a lifetime, and these background checks serve to protect Pennsylvania’s nearly 2.8 million children. And let’s not forget that large public, private and faith-based institutions have faced great costs as recent abuse scandals have ripped through their communities – costs that far outweigh a $10 child abuse clearance or even the $27.50 to complete an FBI background check.

With our children at the forefront of their minds, Pennsylvania’s General Assembly intentionally broadened clearance requirements by both requiring additional individuals to submit them and to do so on a routine basis. There have been far too many instances of someone committing child abuse in one jurisdiction, then later found to be working or volunteering with kids somewhere else.

These common-sense clearance requirements are in direct response to these scenarios and will help put a stop to them.  


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