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Your Financial Support Matters to Kids

Since much of what we do here at PA Partnerships for Children involves state budget advocacy, part of me wants to kick back with a frosty lemonade during this heat wave and just relax. After five continuous months of working to ensure children's health, education and welfare were represented in the 2010-11 state budget, it's tempting to want to take a vacation now that the governor has signed the bill.

But anyone who's employed here - or works alongside us as allies – knows the work of a child advocate is never finished. And it won't be until all children enter school ready to learn; have access to health care that assures their healthy development; are raised in loving and knowledgeable families free from abuse and neglect; have access to effective after-school and youth development programs, and receive high-quality public education.

But to get there costs money. The bottom line is Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children can't do the work we do without the financial support of our friends across the state.

As you may know, PPC uses individual and corporate contributions to support its lobbying expenses; therefore, the help we receive from YOU, the private citizen, is what enables us to do the work we do to achieve victories for kids. PPC neither seeks nor receives any government funds and our foundation resources cannot be used for lobbying efforts. In order to communicate the needs of children and youth to policymakers, we rely on the generous financial support of our individual and corporate donors.

Your tax-deductible support helps this organization thrive. Your dollars truly help assure that children and youth in Pennsylvania have an equal opportunity to live to their fullest potential. So please help us continue our work by making a tax-deductible contribution to Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children at the link below:


Thank you for your support.

Joan L. Benso President & CEO Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children

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